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New Age Networking

It’s time to flip the switch and start thinking BIGGER! Networking is no longer sales and referral focused. Founder Sarah Gretzinger created New Age Networking events with high value impact.

The Savvy Networker is an opportunity for business owners to not only network but hear great speakers. You see much like myself, there was a time where I knew exactly where I wanted to be in business but much like most, I had ZERO clue how to get there.  The Savvy Networker is a people first organization that is dedicated to helping you maximize your network to gain ENORMOUS results. 

The Savvy Networker is where like minded entrepreneurs connect, network, and educate one another. Each month, a different group of panelists share their insights and expertise on business and industry related topics. If you are an entrepreneur looking to expand your network, capture new leads and grow your business then join an event today.

In Person Events

The primary challenge facing the entrepreneur is competing against larger, better known, and more resourceful companies. How can small business with limited budget, and miniscule customer base hope to compete against the giants in their industry? They do this by turning their weaknesses into their strengths. By their very nature, solopreneurs can be more flexible and unorthodox than their major competitors. The Savvy Networker events have been designed to combine networking and education to give you and your business more resources and that edge you need to flourish

The Savvy Networker at it’s infancy stage has reached 15 cities(and counting) as well as 150 online cities creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to connect both in person and online. Our networking events combine relationships, education, and the power of collaboration. The Savvy Networker is NOT your average networking group we believe in creating conversation that leads to each individual entrepreneurs growth and development. We tackle topics such as personal development, business development, how to network, and marketing topics.


We’ve had great talks from people who have fascinating expertise on a specific subject, from people who have a powerful life story that has enhanced their career and from people who seem to draw powerful lessons from ‘been there, done that’ experiences.

Aside from our incredible audience our speakers are what make the event, and event to attend. Savvy speakers benefit from the opportunity to gain value before the event, at the event and after the event. For our audience that means you can look forward to value in the exact same way. Our events span far past the rooms we gather in but rather they work to create a community online and inside coffee shops and offices before and after our events. The Savvy Networker is creating an entrepreneurial lifestyle not just an amazing event. 


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Motivate people, build your network, be a leader in your community and have fun… all while building your personal brand!  We also believe that by having a professional platform on which we can share business advice, we connect at a deeper human level and in some (not so small) way, we increase the knowledge, professionalism and connections for entrepreneurs… and have fun at the same time! It’s thanks to people like you that The Savvy Networker has grown from a single location in 2017 to over 15 locations in North America, and we have had inquiries from all over the world.

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Online Networking Events

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Transitioning your business from ‘hobby’ to revenue with our 2020 online summit. 

Online Summit 2020

ARE YOU Ready to generate revenue from your business?

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Online Courses

The Savvy Networker hosted on Hio socials Event Networking App

Hio Social helps you make better, deeper relationships before,during, and after your events! Once you buy a ticket, you’re invited to an event-specific event community to begin networking with attendees. Use live chat to introduce yourself, or send a request to begin direct messaging, schedule a meetup at the event and keep in touch! Can’t make the event? You can still network anytime with guests and use Hio’s tools to follow up, set reminders, make intros, take notes, market yourself, and more! Keep Hio to discover all of The Savvy Networker events in the future! Both the highest-rated event app and neworking app on both Android and IOS.


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Attendee Reviews

Learnt the right things with right option. great experience with Savvy Networkers. amazing.
This networking event was like no other event I have been to. They absolutely have networking figured out.
Mila Kunis
I will definitely be attending future events. There was more value in the $20 I spent than most events I have been to.
Mike Sendler


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