Since I am ALL ABOUT NETWORKING…a huge friggen HELLO to you! After working 9 years in the marketing industry I learned two fundamental pieces of information that instantly gave me a love-hate relationship with marketing.

After becoming the 3rd or 4th stop on many entrepreneurs marketing journey’s they finally decided it was time to consult an agency that could not only market their company but also help shape their brand awareness. The challenge was that being the 3rd or 4th stop, their budget didn’t really fit my agency. I spent years overworking for entrepreneurs who were underpaying and even then they still weren’t able to scale their business.

I needed to understand why in order to help myself and them grow. The long and short of it was, they had a hobby, NOT a business. Almost all of my clients were missing the basic components that made a company operate from day to day so, naturally if I brought them leads, they didn’t have sales experience or a team to close them…resulting in no sales OR my favorite, they previously hired a web developer that built them a site expecting the site to do all the work but not even having the functions in needed to do ALL the work. P.S. Websites assist your efforts they aren’t a fully built business.

Those two fundamental lessons I learned…

1) All entrepreneurs are on the same journey…they know where they are AND they know where they want to be BUT they are stuck at that oh-so-friggen-difficult-just-get-me-outta-this-space in between part….yup the one you may be in right now.

2) They needed to know WHO to connect with and HOW to utilize those connections. Let’s face it NOT everyone is a lead for your business, some people are just going to waste your time and some people make the perfect collaboration. You need to know what to do with people when you meet them in order to serve them and in order for them to be able to serve you.

What I learned from these two lessons was that my clients needed help that was WAAAY beyond the scope of content marketing. From here, the Savvy Networker was born.

The first Savvy Networker event started as a way to teach my clients basic business building tips…essentially I was trying to save myself and my team time answering the big question ‘WHY?’ that we were asked at least a dozen times a day. I figured if I could teach them WHY different marketing strategies were used I would have more time to market and spend less time on the phones. From there other entrepreneurs caught on and wanted to join in…the more the merrier right?

After about 5 months we outgrew our little venue and launched a second city, from there 3 more and from that the grand Savvy tour started but…..people still weren’t getting it.

Just in case you are one of them let me remind you…YOUR NETWORK IS YOUR NET WORTH BUT YOU DON’T GROW A NETWORK WITH TACKY SALES PITCHES! It’s about relationship building and it’s a lot easier than people make it out to be.

In my almost soon to be published new book (launching January 2020) I dive deep into My Method of 5 – The Five People You Meet At Networking Events.

You see everyone you meet has a very specific role and when you understand that role you can maximize the results of your network dramatically.

Let me share the basics here with you today.

You are going to meet TIME WASTERS…Yup, they exist! Heck if you are like me you may have even been one once or twice (don’t judge I was a newbie) People want to ask me questions and talk to me ALL DAY LONG…building a business here guys! Sometimes you have to know when someone is just looking to waste your time or when they are really serious. More importantly you need to know what to do with these people, how to do it and what comes next.

Then we have our warm leads…these guys are the ones you want A LOT of and you REALLY want to know what to do with them, how to serve them and how to convert them. You also want to know how to do this efficiently.

And of course, you will meet your hot leads. These are people who are sold on you and your biz before you even finish your second sentence. Servicing and closing these people quickly and in a brag worth way that makes them want to tell everyone about you is going to be HUGELY beneficial to your business so locking these #3’s in is CRUCIAL!

Next up we have our #4’s and these ones guys, these ones are must haves. They come in many different forms but really have two solid roles. #4’s are people you can collaborate with. Let me say this clear COLLABORATE..NOT, steer you so far off your path you don’t even recognize what was once the start of a business. Collaborations can be vital in streamlining processes for your #3’s and 4’s to add more value and/or better service. They can also play a crucial role in taking your business to the next level. The challenge is most people really don’t know what to do when they want to work with someone OR they don’t set clear expectations on HOW things will work…ending up in what usually looks like a total disaster and everyone loses.

Lastly are the vitals the #5’s. Your number 5’s are the people you meet and are in awe with. Right away you recognize that these people are people you MUST know because you recognize you have something to learn from them. Their business is flourishing, their systems are organized, they have a growth plan and are achieving it. Maybe they have an incredible podcast you can get value from or resources that can help your business grow. Whatever it may be #5’s are the people you aspire to be like …and the ultimate goal…they embody the kind of entrepreneur you are destined to become!

Now my purpose has grown way beyond changing my clients lives. It has become an opportunity to reach entrepreneurs around the globe. Partner with over 24 others and bring on almost 30 take over hosts who all share the same vision. We are all determined to help entrepreneurs get from where they are to where they want to be.

Today, The Savvy Networker has welcomed over 10,000 entrepreneurs across the globe see massive success in their business. It’s an honor each day to wake up and witness this amazing community growing and supporting one another by applying the power of true networking.

Now that you’re here and you’ve gotten to know a bit more about me, I’m so excited to hear more about you. Whether you start with my podcast or jump right into one of my programs, I can’t wait to witness your incredible success story too. If there’s one thing I can leave you with before we get started, it’s this: There is more out there for you and you’ve just barely scratched the surface. The network you are creating is the key to your growth and fulfillment.

To Your Massive Success,

Sarah Gretzinger