#ITGIRL is defined as, “a trend-setting woman or girl with a ton of self-confidence and self-worth that sets the example of how to have it all, and look good doing it. She knows exactly who she is and what she wants.


The #itgirl Global is a movement like no other!  We are dedicated to helping women worldwide to inspire change in their lives in order to live the life they truly desire!  We believe that every woman has the ability to take back control of their lives and do so while being supported by her Tribe!  Our mission is to inspire and empower women to know and own their strengths!! When we stand united, we will make a difference!

Collin’s English Dictionary defines It-Girl as “a rich, usually attractive, young woman who spends most of her time shopping or socializing” (NO GOOD!!)

The #itgirl Global is becoming defined as, “a trend-setting group of women with a ton of self-confidence and self-worth! They set the example of how to have it all and feel good doing it. An #itgirl knows exactly who she is and what she wants, and has an unbelievable generosity of spirit; always taking time to be kind, charitable and support the community around her.”

THIS is The #ITGIRL Global movement where you can not only share your inspirational story but also learn from other women and their journey. #togetherweachievemore

At The #itgirl Global, we offer a wide arrangement of opportunities!  From resources to courses to events, we want to make it as easy and accessible as possible for the women who are ready to transform their lives!   Our Tribe of incredible women come together to support and celebrate one another on their journey through life.

There are many avenues to become involved with The #itgirl Global community!  

  • Join our free private Facebook community
  • Become a member
  • Share your story!! 
  • Become an ambassador 
  • Do you have courses and programs geared towards helping women?  Partner with us!
  • Sponsorship opportunities!

Our Vision

We inspire hope and belonging for all.

Our Mission

We are a diverse organization, united in the purpose of helping people to help themselves and promoting safe, healthy, vibrant communities.

Our Values

At The It Girl Global, everyone has a voice. We are inclusive, respectful and fair.

We are accountable, honest and compassionate.

We are creative, flexible and innovative.

We work collaboratively as partners and teams within the organization and broader community.

We go above and beyond ordinary and strive towards the exceptional and extraordinary.

Our Events

Are you ready to breakthrough? What struggles or obstacles are holding you back from the life, career, or relationship of your dreams? It's time to unleash your excellence & the extraordinary woman within! The It Girl Global brings you a Women's Empowerment Group like none other! Prepare to be uplifted and encouraged, to laugh and cry, to gain insight and support! Our interactive events will not only inspire you, but will also move you to take action NOW...not later! Why? Because someday is NOT a day of the week, and your dreams are waiting on you to take action!

  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Self - Development
  • Spirituality


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