Perspective Transformation. The idea that if you think, know and believe something different; you will decide, act and do differently. Tune in to this episode to dive into your personal transformation journey.

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    Episode Timestamps

    Capture the goods on this episode of BMORE:

    [6:03] Michael Jordan takes responsibility for his mindset
    [6:35] Owning the sh!t you create
    [6:55] The most powerful principle in business is personal responsibility 
    [8:42] Napoleon Hill’s Master Keys to success
    [9:55] Interpretations on negative business experiences and their impact
    [11:55] The burden associated with morning routines and the applicable solution
    [13:00] Blessed are the flexible for they will not be broken
    [14:55] You say you want to be successful but, you aren’t. Perhaps here is why (tune in)
    [16:00] Brain training- what you think know and believe
    [20:40] Diving into the mastermind space
    [23:00] Thought leaders speaking wisdom and life into your business producing limitless energy
    [26:00] Doing staff meetings different to gain results as a team vs telling your staff what not to do/what to do

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