Do you want more time and freedom? Do you want to get more results and create a positive impact?

Let's Scale Your Business

Dedicate one year to actively work on your dream, together with Mastermind Elite. A select group of remarkable people doing remarkable things.

Do you ever wish you had someone to turn to who could provide the guidance, understanding, and expertise that only a million-dollar-plus earner would possess? Do you ever wish you had a safe and open place where you could work through topics with others who have personally experienced your pain, fears, and needs, but who aren’t directly associated with your business? What would you give for the opportunity to tap into an entire group of like-minded high-performing entrepreneurs who can provide you direction, support, friendship, feedback, fresh insights, new strategies based on their experiences, and who refuse to let you fail?

What is Mastermind Elite?

Mastermind Elite is exclusive to  8 members per city, giving each person the opportunity to get an abundance of personal attention. For a year, we meet 4 times per month (virtually) in a group call to discuss our challenges and successes. During these sessions everybody gets time to discuss their situation and ask for feedback.

Mastermind Elite is exclusively for experienced entrepreneurs, who have already achieved a certain level of success and are looking to design a high impact lifestyle. This means that members can offer each other real added value. Through the selection process, I ensure that everyone is really committed to working on their own goals and giving feedback and support to the other members. Ensuring the group is actively growing together and supporting each other appropriately. 

Is it Right For You?

What would it mean for you to work ON your business four times a month, instead of working IN it? To take action in the right direction, get advice and feedback, be inspired and challenged, together with a select group of like-minded people?

Do you want to take your life and business to the next level? Are you searching for a better balance between your work and private life? Do you want to be financially independent? Does having more time, more freedom, more travel sound appealing? 

Mastermind Elite is not for everyone. Commitment to participate is crucial; in other words, it is for people who are ready to really invest in themselves. Come on, I know you have it in you!


Mastermind Elite is an investment in yourself and your business. Our offer consists of:

  • 48 Mastermind calls. Four group calls per month with a select group of remarkable people.
  • 30 minute 1- 1 session:
    • A  30 minute ‘deep dive’ call or meeting before the start of Mastermind Elite.
  • Free access to all group recordings in our Mastermind Archive

The complete package for Mastermind Elite is $499/month. 

Depending on when you sign up and the payment plan you choose, there are special deals for a full year to help you achieve your goals!

UPDATE: Our new groups will kick off mid September, 2019

Ask yourself these questions

▶️You want to be held accountable and reach bigger goals?

▶️You want to increase your income and reach your goals

▶️You want to break out of your box and reach new levels of success?

Want to know more?

To see if Mastermind Elite is right for you please complete a short questionnaire and book an appointment with me for a 15-minute call.