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This event features a unique combination of networking plus an educational component where a panel of speakers educate and interact with you to teach various marketing and business topics to help you grow your business knowledge and your business.

You will have the opportunity to be listed on our site, including a link to your site, plus you will be on the directory printed for every event in your home location. That’s 30 events a month that you name and contact information are being placed into the hands of hungry entrepreneurs just like you who are looking to expand their professional network.
With our Platinum Membership you will be listed on all of our directories.

Social media is one of the most powerful tools, especially when you have the opportunity to tap into someone else’s audience. Through our membership packages, you are actively exposed to Savvy’s hyper engaged social media audiences expanding your reach and impact in a massive way.

Podcasting allows you to build a stronger relationship with your audience, faster. When you think about it, when a person is listening to you, your voice is in their ear (literally if they are listening with earbuds). It’s intimate. They can pick up on your intonation, the emotion in your voice. Finding common ground with your listeners is an amazing way to build relationships.

For Platinum members only. These shout outs are an opportunity for us to promote you from our stage. As a platinum member, we will feature your company 4 times from the stage over the membership period. That means you will get a professional promo spot 4 time a year to promote your business to excited entrepreneurs just like you. We’ll work with you to create the copy and you’ll know every time we are promoting you from the stage so you can align your marketing efforts to those opportunities.

A membership badge that identifies you as an Elite + member


Not only do you get to partake in 24 online networking sessions but you also get the chance to host one of our amazing groups allowing you to reach people across the globe. 

The Elite + Vault is where thousands of entrepreneurs hag out daily to engage in conversation about all things business. We host monthly DEEP DIVE calls where we cover very specific topics that our audience is challenges with and we house dozens of high impact trainings from the best of the best in the business.

Reasons to Join The Savvy Networker

The Savvy Networker was formed by CEO Sarah Gretzinger who after working with several business owners decided that what was lacking in entrepreneurial networking was a real opportunity for like minded business owners to be able to learn and grow from each others success. While entrepreneurs have the opportunity to network with the community they also enjoy the benefits of connecting on a global scale and taking part in our online Match Making experience bringing leads right to their inbox.

The Savvy Networker provides various opportunities for entrepreneurs just like yourself to grow. Expect to meet business owners, and their clients. We open the doors to everyone who is willing to connect. Unlike traditional networking events, The Savvy Networker welcomes various entrepreneurs from the same industry. Rumor has it, people do business with those they know, like and trust. We are here to provide that platform and do not turn anyone away.

The best referrals come from word of mouth. At The Savvy Networker we bring you the opportunity to build strong relationships with other entrepreneurs. Build your network of friends/colleagues/advisors to help yourself as well as them. The Savvy Networker offers both in person and online events to make your networking even better. With a continuous flow on 'HOW TO NETWORK FOR RESULTS' our audience sees a higher conversion rate from contact to lead than many other events.

In addition to being part of a group of professionals who will introduce you to their network, The Savvy Networker increases your business growth through education on a variety of business topics. Members get access to members only courses, podcasts and specialized training materials.

How Your Membership Works For You!

Immediately after joining The Savvy Networker Elite Members program you are going to see the benefits. 

Within 24 hours of registering you will be added to our private members community,

get guaranteed access to sold out event’s

gain access to our bi-weekly online networking events.

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Join our free community and get access to weekly resources straight to your mailbox. 


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The all in feature plan. You will get all access beyond the incredible content you see online.

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With dozens of events worldwide, The Savvy Networker provides a global business network that is growing faster than any other network out there.