I’m NOT the only event strategist or advocate for event sponsorship, and I’m not your typical corporate event planner, but I am the only one that can implement the “Prioritize to Optimize Event ROI” process.  

…How do I know? I’ve represented both sides of the event (organizers and the event contributors) to leverage business goals through effective event campaigns. It’s my own system I developed and it has been exclusive to my done-for-you events until now. 

Maximize Event Results, Beyond the Logistics!

Each revenue driven event starts with an event marketing assessment which takes us through the six stages: strategy, logistics, networking & outreach, nurturing, sales & metrics.

‚ÄčOnce we identify “broken bridges” we can create customized blueprints for your upcoming event.



  • -Businesses that invest into events and sponsorship opportunities
  • -Marketing teams looking to justify and maximize event marketing results as part of their marketing plan
  • -Entrepreneurs and businesses looking to connect with their ideal audience through live events as a platform of choice
  • -Speakers and companies looking to use the stage or events as a sales platform or lead generator
  • -Event planners looking to expand their client's ROI and expand services beyond logistics. Convert your services from an expense to a profitable investment for your clients, just like I have
  • -Event planners looking to differentiate and extend their services from other corporate planners and provide results before, during and after the event... beyond the logistics
  • -Event coordinators and association organizers looking to provide added value to event sponsors and participants to increase engagement and retention