Whether You're starting off in business or you're already established and need to grow...

Savvy Think Tanks

will help you learn, earn and grow.

When you say no to the wrong people, you can give a big, fat YES to the right ones giving you:

(Are you networking with the RIGHT people?)
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    A business that lets you have consistent cash flow coming in

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    The ability to take the cap off your income potential and put your passion in the driver’s seat

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    The ability to reclaim your life and live on your terms.

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    Become a fully supported by a business that doesn’t just pay your bills — it gives you purpose

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    Relationships that allow you to scale your business and continuously up level your success

Meet Me Online is an online networking opportunity led monthly by purpose-driven leaders who believe that success is about growing a business with results. Become a part of our community and discover the possibilities for your company.

Meet Me Online virtual networking groups bring together purpose-driven entrepreneurs every single month for a Think Tank session; discussing topics of interest in the business community. 

Connect for 60 minutes twice a month, establish relationships, build your community and connect on a whole other level – all without having to leave the office. 

Structured Networking

Savvy Think Tanks factor in 3 key components to scale your business. Each individual Think Tank unlocks a world of potential by providing:

  • Learn. Each Think Tank covers one business building topic unlocking the tools you need to take the next steps in your business.
  • Grow. Savvy Think Tanks incorporate a match making session where a team of dedicated individuals partner your specific needs with people in our community including, leads, collaborators and professionals who can help build your business both locally and globally.
  • Earn. Connect with hundreds of entrepreneurs and bring in leads every single month.

Savvy Networker Think Tanks are perfect for small business owners. We accept most company sizes and industries — we find that the diversity leads to quality conversation.

We define purpose-driven leaders as leaders who prioritize people over profit. They are driven by values and creating great places to work. They also trust that leading with values and purpose will produce great business results.

Our members meet bi weekly for a 60 minute online training and networking session.

Our meetings are directed by our online director Melanie Richards. Elite + Members also get a showcase spot once a year where they can host an onilne session. 

The Savvy Think Tank curriculum is designed to dive deeper into business building strategies that support our networkers growth and development. . Throughout the year, your group will have six sessions around each quality along with six Think Tank sessions; inviting a leader to share a professional challenge while the group crowdsources solutions in real-time.

How This Works

Online Business Networking - How it works. Business networking is fast becoming one of the best ways to meet new business associates and source new business leads. By networking with others you will acquire a wealth of knowledge, and a group of friends and associates who will be glad to pass on referrals and business they feel may benefit you - you in turn can do the same for all those in your business network, a good business network functions by passing on business, advice, useful information and helpful tips - by joining Think Tanks you will be taking your first step into creating your own business network which will aid you if you are in business or looking for new ventures. Register your account today to start growing your network.

Accesing Events

Upon registration you are going to receive: your MATCH MAKER form allowing you to identify who you are looking to be connected to, a Zoom link to access the upcoming training in your city and access to the posted calendar schedule. Once you enter into the online event you will be granted access to listen in on the Think Tank led by the host and will then enter into a group chat networking session followed by our Match Maker connections. The facilitator will make all connections direct via email to ensure you do not miss any opportunities.

Ready to Grow Your Business?

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