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Transitioning your business from ‘hobby’ to revenue with our 2020 online summit. 

Online Summit 2020

ARE YOU Ready to generate revenue from your business?

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Feb 19 - 20


Expert Speakers

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Bridging the Gap from the 9-5 Grind to Entrepreneurship
Budgeting for Your Business
protecting you and your business
Generating a Positive ROI on Facebook Ads
Money Mindset Makeover
preparing for future growth

why should you attend the Own the Bank virtual summit

Zero Travel Expenses

I don’t know when the last time was that you attended a conference but the additional expenses in terms of flight, Hotel and Food are impossible to avoid. A Virtual Summit eliminates these expenses as it is held  entirely online which means absolutely ZERO travel expenses are involved.

$19 Admission

Yep! You heard that right, I said $19!(Why haven’t you signed up yet?)

Watch the Speaker presentation when they debut for the first time according to agenda below. or catch the replay anytime within 7 days.

Every speaker’s Presentation  will remain online for a full 7 days from when it first aired.

7 Days not enough for you? Snag your All-Access pass you claim your tickets.

Expert Speakers

The speaker features on the 2020 Own the Bank Summit ( YES, I said International) are world leaders in their fields. 

The knowledge they have to share about the system they use will help you secure the success of your business, save you tons of time and skyrocket your annual revenue in record time.

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#Own the bank2020

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This year, you’re resolved to be the most productive possible version of yourself taking your business to new heights and generating more than ever before. 

the things you need to know

Have a Question?

The Own the Bank Virtual Summit is a 2-day event where entrepreneurs and business pros from across the globe come together to share with you, all the systems they use every day to get things done, uplevel their businesses, and increase revenue!

Nope! The summit is an event held completely online meaning that there is no physical meeting location for the summit. Thus, we are saving you tons in travel, hotel and food expenses you would otherwise be paying to attend (you’re welcome). Because this is a virtual summit, the interviews will be streamed at the given dates and times specified (see the Agenda above on this page). Anyone who has a free ticket to the event will receive the links to access the broadcasts of these interviews. So you can attend right from the comfort of you own home or office. Grab your favorite beverage and join us online!

Yes! The Own the Bank Virtual Summit is really $19. Anyone who has claimed their ticket will be sent links where they can access the broadcasts of the interviews with the speakers. The broadcasts will remain available for 7 days whereupon they will be removed and no longer accessible. Make sure you take note of the Agenda (above on this page) and schedule to attend the sessions that interest you the most! You absolutely don’t want to miss them!

The advanced sessions – which are also listed on the agenda on this page – will not be shown during the summit. The only way that you can get access to these videos is by purchasing the All-Access Pass. The All-Access Pass will grant you instant, lifetime access to a membership site where both the free and advanced sessions are stored. You will have the opportunity to purchase the All-Access Pass after you opt in on this page and during the summit. Life is short! Buy the All-Access-Pass!

Do you really think I would do something like that to you?! I’m not a fan of spam and I certainly would not pass it your way! I do not share your email address with anyone! PERIOD! The only email you’ll be auto-subscribed to is our own list so that we can keep you updated on this Summit (and future events). Emails will include the links to all the interviews so you won’t miss them! 

For your convenience, each speaker page will include a valuable FREE opt-in and speakers will be able to ask for the privilege of your email address in exchange for this freebie during their presentations. While we suggest you take advantage of what they are offering so you can learn more about each system, if you’re not excited about what they have to offer, then you won’t be obligated to subscribe. Easy peasy, you simply choose those you love!

REVENUE! Today’s focal point for most business owners but, as a new or aspiring entrepreneur it is difficult to figure out exactly what systems we should be implementing. That’s where the Own the Bank Virtual Summit comes in! 

The objective of #Ownthebank2020 is for you to hear from others JUST LIKE YOU who are implementing these systems each and every day to build the lives of their dreams. We purposefully hand-picked each and every speaker in this summit as those who are DIYing their businesses on the daily (not the gurus we all follow and aspire to be who have teams of assistants working behind closed doors for them)! In this summit, I wanted to GET REAL! Each and every speaker here rolls up their sleeves and gets down into the grind with you! THIS is how it’s done! And the Own the Bank Virtual Summit is bringing it to you!

All of the guest speakers recorded an incredible key note speech and online class for  anyone who claims their $19 Own the Bank Virtual Summit ticket on this page.

We also have additional, exclusive content that is only available to summit attendees who upgrade their ticket by purchasing the All-Access Pass. They will be given lifetime access to a membership site where additional sessions are stored. You will have the opportunity to purchase the All-Access Pass after you opt in on this page and during the summit. Life is short! Buy the All-Access-Pass!

No way, José! By purchasing the Own the Bank Virtual Summit All-Access Pass you also get:

+ LIFETIME ACCESS to all the Advanced Own the Bank modules to access whenever, wherever you want!

+ All the transcripts from each of the sessions and additional sessions (to be delivered after the summit ends).

+ Access to special packages only available to attendees of the Own the Bank Summit

We recognize that it is incredibly difficult to attend every single one of the presentations at the date and time specified. That is why I have made every single broadcast available for 24 hours from the time that it is scheduled to air. Links will be sent to everyone who has claimed their $19 ticket to see the broadcasts.

If you do happen to miss one of the speakers’ presentations, even after it was available for 24 hours, there is an option to upgrade your ticket to an All-Access Pass. With this pass, you’ll be given lifetime access to all the free sessions given by the speakers, viewable whenever you want to watch them! Included with this pass is also additional, exclusive content called the ‘advanced sessions’ where the guest speakers dive deeper into their topics in a second interview. Claim your $19 ticket below to learn more about the All-Access Pass option.  


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Strategic Business Growth With Facebook Ads

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Create The Career You Love

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Money Mindset Makeover

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