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Women are a powerful force!  When we all come together, we can truly make an impact!

Revolutionized 2020

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January 24th, 2020




Meet your host

kelly schmalenberg

Kelly Schmalenberg is the founder of The #itgirl Global.  She has a true passion for bringing together a sense of community.  When she realized what it took for her to overcome her own obstacles in life, she decided to dedicate her time and energy into making it as easy and accessible to other women to do the same in their own lives!  Because of her drive and commitment, Kelly has created one of the fastest growing women’s groups in Canada and very soon to be globally.  

Growing up in a small town in Ontario, Canada, Kelly didn’t learn to dream big until she met a team of people who lifted her up and believed in her ability for success.  After being partnered for a few years with this team lead by Linda Proctor, Kelly gained the knowledge and confidence needed to create the life she desires.  

It is now Kelly’s mission to inspire and empower women to know and own their strengths!

why should you attend Revolutionized?

Be The Difference

Are you looking for change in your life?  Do you feel out of place? Are you ready for a transformation?

Join us at our 2 day Summit for self-discovery hosted by The #itgirl Global!  We know the importance of community, inspiration, empowerment and the opportunity to grow in all areas of life.  As women, we need to come together to support the change not only in ourselves but in the world!

Find a Community of Support

It is important to find your passions and desires for yourself but not by yourself!  Meet and network with women from all over the world. Gain insight, inspiration and amazing new friendships!   Come ready to connect, leave with a Tribe that you can call family!

Expert Speakers

We will be joined by 25 elite speakers who are experts in personal development, transformations, health, wealth and so much more!!  Hear their incredible stories of struggle, journey of overcoming obstacles and triumph!! If that wasn’t enough, you have the opportunity to dive deep into crucial aspects of life as you learn from 5 Masterclasses put on by our very own experts!!



Want to Speak at REVOLUTIONIZED?

We want to hear from you!!  Have the opportunity to share your story alongside other incredible speakers from all walks of life!

We are looking for speakers who:

  • Have overcome obstacles 
  • Have a background in health and fitness
  • Are Financial experts
  • Teach Personal Development
  • Have an inspirational story
  • Have an expertise not listed above
Revolutionized Speakers

Want to speak?

Get your story and expertise out to the world!  You are provided a 15 minute time block to share your story with all of the attendees.  We will be featuring you on our website as well as promoting you on all other media platforms we are using.  The chapter you provide us will go into our published book with the other speakers so you will become a published author as well!!  If that’s not enough, you get full access to the entire 2 day summit! Stay, network, mingle and learn with the rest of our attendees!

Do you offer a class or course of your own?

If you are registering to teach your masterclass please provide the details below. Only the first five women who register and fit the criteria will be given the spot.

5 amazing people to have the opportunity to teach a 45 minute masterclass.  

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The Revolutionized Summit is a 2-day event where women will be gathered from across the globe to inspire, empower, learn and grow!  It is about transforming your life!

The event is taking place January 24 & 25, 2020 9am-5pm both days

We are hosting our 2020 event in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Exact location TBA.

This revolutionary event is only $199 for 2 full days of networking, learning and so much more!!

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