Sarah Gretzinger

The one thing you are working with that is unavoidable is LIFE, in all it’s mysterious and unimaginable ways. Then there is you, a person, dreamy over your talent just waiting to share them with the world. Wanting just comes easy for us. And while life has certainly placed both possibility and opportunity all around us, it’s out of the world’s desire to continuously evolve. The world, while busy growing and creating life, leaves us left to figure out how we plan to get what we need from it, and thus entrepreneurs emerge into the light creating, planning, engaging, so we can get what we need from this life.


The Inner circle mastermind

Let’s talk about what it is that you want, and your exceptionally well thought out, very detail oriented plan on how EXACTLY you are going to get it. But before we can get to the good part, we need to take a few (thousand) steps back and see what we’re working with, because chances are you have more excitement and eagerness than you do clear plan. Don’t worry I was once like you.

Everything we need and want is right here in our existing life, but we must awaken our minds to discover it, and we must open our life to accept it. When you begin on your journey to discover and accept you soon realize that this thing called life can be overwhelming and all consuming, and thus you are left asking the same set of questions over and over in your mind; ‘ How Can I make this easier?’ ‘ How will this all fit together?’

With an array of possible responses you are forced into clarity. With clarity you open yourself to a path. The path provides direction, conclusion, and results.

You have now found the path, it is your time to embrace it. Guidance and support will find you, and The Inner Circle Mastermind will carry you

have Questions?


In short, a mastermind group is simply a small group of people who meet on a regular basis to help each other accomplish goals.

Sounds simple, right?

You’re right, it is simple. Simple things can often have the most profound impact upon our lives.

Think about the lane marker stripes painted on the roads that you drive every day. Those are incredibly simple additions to the road, and we never think much about them.

That is, until it’s a dark, stormy night, and it’s raining buckets and the faded lines are difficult to see against the glare of the headlights from oncoming traffic.

It’s at those times we realize just how important those lines are, even though they’re so simple. They provide boundaries, and help us stay in our lane to get to our destination safely and quickly.

Mastermind groups are a lot like those lane marker stripes. They provide clarity, they provide structure, they keep us focused on the road ahead, and help us to get to where we want to go as efficiently as possible.

Mastermind groups that focus on business can be categorized into one of these two general formats: peer-driven, and guru-led.

The meeting starts with everyone in the group sharing a success they had since the last meeting. Then, if the group wants, there may be a short education segment to discuss a topic or a chapter from a book. We then have the “Hot Seats” portion of the meeting which takes the bulk of the time. We end with everyone setting a goal to accomplish before the next meeting

In mastermind groups, members agree to:

  1. Pay close attention to each members’ overall goals.
  2. When actions are not completed or not achieved by the deadline date, remind each other of the purpose and importance of taking those actions.
  3. Challenge a member when their actions are not leading toward the goal they desire.

Applaud each other when wise decisions and strong actions are taken.

The group Facilitator is responsible to:

  • Keep a list of which actions each member says they will achieve (and the due date for each action).
  • Check in with each member between meetings to see how they’re progressing towards their proposed actions.
  • Watch for members who are doing the right thing at the wrong time.
  • Double-check that actions are in alignment with goals.
  • Watch for goal-shifting as a way to avoid action.
  • Help members to get past their struggles

As a member of a mastermind, you tap into the wisdom of a group of entrepreneurs. You’re exposed to different perspectives, and draw on diverse skills and experiences. You get insights, advice, support, shorten your learning curve, set goals, solve problems, and are held accountable.  You benefit by gaining a clarity of focus, getting inspired, and making better decisions.

All Mastermind Elite sessions take place online. Once you register you will be sent an access link. 

Confidentiality is taken seriously. For a successful mastermind meeting, members have to know that what they say stays within the group. Therefore, every member is asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement