Do you Attend Events or Host Events to UP LEVEL YOUR NETWORKING?

We’d Like you to meet our partner and friend Michelle Nicole McNabb!

Now you may be wondering WHY? Why do you need to know Michelle…well, Michelle teaches the in depth strategies on how to maximizes events to create ROI. Michelle has offered up some of her amazing trainings for you to dive into today to learn how to better maximize your results.

If you host events OR attend events as a way of marketing your business you are going to want to learn about event optimization. We’ve added to videos, one to get to know Michelle and one with amazing content. See task 11 below…we’ve posted a thread for you!


-Businesses that invest into events and sponsorship opportunities -Marketing teams looking to justify and maximize event marketing results as part of their marketing plan

 -Entrepreneurs and businesses looking to connect with their ideal audience through live events as a platform of choice 

-Speakers and companies looking to use the stage or events as a sales platform or lead generator 

-Event planners looking to expand their client’s ROI and expand services beyond logistics. Convert your services from an expense to a profitable investment for your clients, just like I have

 -Event planners looking to differentiate and extend their services from other corporate planners and provide results before, during and after the event… beyond the logistics

 -Event coordinators and association organizers looking to provide added value to event sponsors and participants to increase engagement and retention

Welcome to Day 11