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Networking now a days is not what it use to be. Typical events now a days have you collecting business cards, going home with a new stack of cards to set on your desk. We wanted to offer more and better experiences for entrepreneurs. Thus we bring you, The Savvy Networker


Networking events that combine relationships, education, and the power of collaboration.
The Savvy Networker is an opportunity for business owners to not only network but hear great speakers, have their events and businesses promoted and create lasting relationships. We are a people first organization and that come out in everything we do.The Savvy Networker is where like minded entrepreneurs connect, network, and educate one another. Each month, a different group of panelists share their insights and expertise on business and industry related topics. If you are an entrepreneur looking to expand your network, capture new leads and grow your business then join us today


The Savvy Networker provides an opportunity for like minded entrepreneurs to connect, network, and educate. Each month a different panel conversation is picked, promoted on the website and on social media and panelists are given the opportunity to share their insight while educating the audience. Networking begins before event and ends after.


The primary challenge facing the entrepreneur is competing against larger, better known, and more resourceful companies. How can a start up with a small staff, limited budget, and miniscule customer base hope to compete against the giants in their industry? They do this by turning their weaknesses into their strengths. By their very nature, start-up companies can be more flexible and unorthodox than their major competitors. The Savvy Networker events have been designed to combine networking and education to give you and your business more resources


You know how important referrals are in business. You might seek referrals to grow your business. Others might seek referrals for new career opportunities. In either case, at The Savvy Networker we aim to present you with the best possible referral opportunities.


Bringing You an Amazing Speaker

The Savvy Networker was designed to combing networking and education so we have taken the time to vet each one of our speakers carefully to make sure that they are bringing quality information and education

  • Must have registered business and have been operating for at least one full year
  • Must have registered business and have been operating for at least one full year
  • Must be able to provide three key points on their experience in relation to the topic


the savvy networker family

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If you have recently attended a Savvy Networker event then it’s safe to say you know how awesome they are and how much value they can add to your business.

We have been asked to host in several locations to bring even more value, and WE DID IT! Alongside new locations we wanted to bring you even more value.

Our membership packages offer you the opportunity to

  • Attend events in different cities
  • showcase your business at our vendor spots
  • get access before anyone else to our upcoming summit
  • attend business referral meetings separate from our monthly events