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The Savvy Networker at it’s infancy stage has reached 15 cities(and counting) as well as 150 online cities creating opportunities for entrepreneurs to connect both in person and online. Our networking events combine relationships, education, and the power of collaboration. The Savvy Networker is NOT your average networking group we believe in creating conversation that leads to each individual entrepreneurs growth and development. We tackle topics such as personal development, business development, how to network, and marketing topics.

The primary challenge facing the entrepreneur is competing against larger, better known, and more resourceful companies. How can small business with limited budget, and miniscule customer base hope to compete against the giants in their industry? They do this by turning their weaknesses into their strengths. By their very nature, solopreneurs can be more flexible and unorthodox than their major competitors. The Savvy Networker events have been designed to combine networking and education to give you and your business more resources and that edge you need to flourish

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Our Vision

You can trust that the Savvy Networker is like no other professional group — we’re 100% focused on relationship building, business sharing, and lead generating. 

Our Mission

To help people ditch the traditional networking method of pitching their business and passing their business cards – let’s build relationships. 

Meet Your Host

Hello everybody my name is John Pisanchik, and I wanted take the time to introduce myself.

Many years ago, I when I was in college, I planned out my life. I decided what I needed to do from an educational perspective. I decided I needed an Undergraduate degree, and so I got one. I also decided that I needed an MBA, so I got that too. I worked very hard for both of them, and I really felt like this was a huge accomplishment. It was.

The educational path greatly influenced the professional path. I was in accounting and finance, transitioned to Wall Street, and then went into management consulting / project management. I have had professional accomplishments that I can look back on, and be really proud of them. Some of them include running a team of floor brokers at the Chicago Futures exchanges. I have been actively involved with the merger of large banks, and handling some of the logistics to make that happen. The list does not end there, I could go on and on about the professional things I accomplished. But I will not bore you with that.

With all that success, I had 2 flaws, and they were major.

The first one was I only had 1 line of income – Me!!

What I was doing was trading my time for money. Don’t get me wrong, I did well, but it is only 1 income stream. What I discovered was that I was subject to economic downturns like recessions, etc., and if they are bad enough, you can lose everything, and I did, 3 times. Let’s not forget about tossing a divorce or two in the mix and viola, years of effort, hard work etc. vanishes, almost in an instant.

I am a resilient type of person, so I have found the solution so that this never happens again. The solution – have multiple income streams.

This so important because there is a low risk of having all of your lines of businesses go down at once. One may have a downturn, but the others probably will not. This keeps an income flowing so major damage does not occur to your financial life.

The 2nd flaw was that I was not using the Laws of Attraction properly. I discovered that the Laws of Attraction are real, and everyone is subject to them, for the positive, and for the negative.

If you are well versed in the Laws of Attraction, it is a tool to build a wonderful and fulfilling life. If you are not aware of the Laws of Attraction, the negative aspects in your life get magnified, and your life can be more negative than positive. Anything you build is easily lost. I can attest to this. It is much better to live in harmony with the Laws of Attraction, than not.

With that said, my goal is to help as many people as I can to be happy, healthy and prosperous. This would be by helping them develop multiple streams of income; and using the Laws of Attraction in the proper way.

Look me up on Facebook. If we are not friends, send a friend request to @JohnPisanchik. I would love to connect with you.

Upcoming Greenville Events

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The Savvy Networker is where like minded entrepreneurs connect, network, and educate one another. Attend The Savvy Networker to meet the right people, make the right connections and educate yourself with the right resources. We are dedicated to educating business owners on the hottest of business topics and want to hone in on your business networking skills.

Interested in Speaking at The Savvy Networker Greenville, SC?

As a heart-centered entrepreneur, whether you are launching a new business, or trying to make the quantum leap you know you are capable of, you have an incredibly powerful tool at your disposal that costs you nothing and is uniquely yours: your voice.

By using your experience, your expertise, and your voice to speak to groups, either large or small, you can build a solid foundation and kick-start your growth… and we have got just the place to do it. 

The Savvy Networker is an opportunity for business owners to not only network but hear great speakers, just like you. If you`re interested in being a speaker at one of our events, on our podcast,  or on one of our online summits  all you have to do is register.