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There is a Certain Stamina Needed for Blogging – The Savvy Networker

No matter what the stage of your marketing journey, it’s important to have content. Not only to have content but to have content of variety, such as blogging. The point is to use valuable content to attract people back to your website or lead page so that they can begin to interact with your business. Blogging is one of the most common forms of content. It’s a lot like running really. Think about it this way, and this is a true story. Last year I decided that I wanted to be a runner. I always envied those who could get up every morning, enjoy the fresh air and health benefits of a good run. So, I got up one morning and decided to run. I nearly fell to the ground but after 5 amazing minutes I was exhausted and had accomplished nothing but the shortness of breath.

I can honestly say I gained nothing but wasted time, lack of breath, and sore ankles. I swore I’d get up the next morning and try it again, you know, to build up my stamina. 6 am came, and there was no way I was going to try that again. So I quit, and 6 month’s later, I decided to try again. Let me tell you, I got the same results. So, I quit again. Now let’s jump back to our blog content. If I blog today, September 17th, and I don’t blog again for another six month’s, I will have gained nothing. There is no consistency, no ‘built up stamina’ nothing for my audience to follow along with. If I took the time to blog for an hour or two each week, I would start to gain results, just as I would have if I continued to run.

The most affective way to blog is to create a plan. Grab your calendar, it doesn’t have to be super elaborate, just a plan. Start by writing down one topic each week and carve out some time to write. You will be surprised at how much your business will grow just by simply providing the right content consistently.