Do you ever wish that there were more than 24 hours in a day? How often do you feel like you just don’t have enough time to get EVERYTHING done? This is sounding a little cheesy and circa 1999 infomercial-esque, but the reality is, time management is a real issue for the modern professional/business owner.

If you have stumbled upon this blog because you happen to have 18 windows open on your computer, your head phones in your ears, with a phone list a mile long and a cup of cold coffee or tea to the right or left of your screen, and you are looking for some advice on managing your time a little bit more efficiently; relax for one minute…take a breath and read on:) You’ve come to the right place.

You already know, organization and time management are key proponents to success in our world. You also already know that there are 101 time management books out there for you to consume. Each of them have about 1 piece of actual, solid advice that you can take with you for your day, but none of them really help you to manage your time and organize your world in a way that will get MORE things done.
Ok. Well, the truth is…time is never going to increase. You can’t will it or wish it…it’s just not going to happen, but, of course, as you know, you can organize yourself in a way that will bring about more things getting done less stress.

Great question…and the reason you reached out to the world wide web to begin with (at least in this tab).

Well, we want to share with you the 4 most important things to do to manage your time.
If you’re anything like most professionals these days, you probably write lists. In fact, you probably have lists all over your home and office. You may even have a couple agendas on the go. This is all pretty good. It means that you have some objectives and some goals, and you just need the time to accomplish them. All you need now is one common space and place that you keep all of this information. Many of us use our phones, which works just fine, but it is always nice to have a hard copy of a thought in a place that can’t get erased or has no need to be stolen.

Idea 1-Consolidate your lists. This happens to end up being a serious purging of lists and ‘stuff’ that you don’t need. Take all relevant information and put it in one place. This is your designated ‘list’ space. Then, chose one place to keep it wherever you go. Put it in the same place in your car every time you enter it. Put it in the same place in your office, home, bedroom. Consistency is key for organization. It will also help you keep your thoughts in order. Now, you may or may not already do this. But, be honest with yourself before you give up on this blog. When is the last time you consolidated your list pile? It’s worth a try.

Idea 2-Plan from the night before. When you plan your day from the night before, you do not need to spend time in the morning preparing. You can also be more aware of the fact that things often do not go according to plan, but, at least you were ready for it. Planning from the night before allows you to be both reflective and organized for the next day to take place and you best manage your time.

Idea 3-Prioritize. Now, we know that every time-management entity is going to tell you to prioritize…it’s a serious ‘duhhh’ idea, but it is essential to reiterate. Prioritizing is not just about your list; it is also about what calls you chose to answer and what emails you chose to respond to. Now, here’s the kicker, some stuff is just not that important. Sometimes, you’re not as busy as you think, and you could probably fit more into your day by deciding what is most important to your personal, professional and mental growth.

Ok. This last piece of information is pertinent. Don’t leave home without it…You ready?

Idea 4-You are the most important part of your day. So, eat (the appropriate things and the appropriate amounts) but make sure that you eat. When you can, squeeze in a call to mom or dad or your significant other, friend or sister or brother. Your mental health is key to your time management. Find the time to work out or go jogging or walking-you will have more energy to get more done.

Because you are busy, we wanted to keep this post short and sweet.

You can be organized and manage your time. It’ll just take practice.

Happy scheduling!

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