Power Steps to a Happier YOU

Are you ready to identify your top 5 passions and then use those to get massive clarity and focus so you can make WAY more money,  and finally charge what you are worth?

Power Steps to a Happier You Coaching Program

Everyone wants to believe they are worth MORE. Because, YOU ARE! Gain clarity on discovering your passion and igniting the fire to live this passion through. Together we will uncover your 5 deepest passions and get you to a place where you can experience ultimate fulfillment. 

Do you want to branch out from your current job or career and become your own boss

Desire to work with someone who understands your goals and can provide a road map of next steps

You seek purpose, joy, and fulfillment in finding work you’re passionate about and that excites you

Understand the importance of using money to pursue your passion, you’re ready to set and invest in a plan that will help you achieve your goals

You are ready to move forward and I have the strategies to help

I’ve been where you are. I’ve felt the doubts and fears of leaving behind my job security and steady income, and I know how valuable it is to have someone to bounce ideas off of, and plot the next steps. I know what feels like to imagine there are ways to make money doing what you love and get excited about, and I know what it’s like to have doubts about bringing in an income you can rely on.


I am happier today because I pursued my passion. I’m here to help you to do the same.


Identifying your top 5 passions and then USE those to get MASSIVE clarity and FOCUS so you can make way more money, charge what you are worth. You will also learn how to overcome limiting beliefs that prevent living a happier life, learn the secret to living a passionate life, and discover the formula to living a happier life!

Meet Tina

Tina Kadish (pronounced Kay- dish) is a coach, speaker, trainer, and Freedom Strategist with the tools and strategies to help women create a happier, wealthier & healthier life of intention and purpose.

She helps women who in transition to become their own boss or move up the career ladder. 

She also helps women entrepreneurs, as well as women seeking to discover just what their unique gifts are, and how they can use these gifts to help others. 

When Tina was eliminated from her job as progressive training and development professional and talent acquisition she, like many others in corporate America, felt uncertain about her future. She embarked on a journey to discover not only what career she wanted, but where her passion was.

That’s when she discovered The Passion Test, created by Janet Attwood, which helps people to prioritize their top five passions. As a result, she learned she wanted to help other women in transition find focus in their life and career. Since this tool helped her gain clarity and direction, she became a certified Passion Test Facilitator in 2012, trained personally by Janet Attwood.

How do you make money and live your ideal life? By finding your passion! As a Passion Test facilitator, she helps clients identify their top 5 passions in order to direct them to their ideal life and career choices. 

Her mission is to empower women to maximize their potential, find freedom, and live more purposefully.

On July 27, 2018 she again found herself out of a corporate job. This time it was on her terms. Now, as a full-time entrepreneur, she enjoys supporting women in achieving freedom in their career and lifestyle as well. 

Through Life is Ideal, she offers personalized one-on-one coaching sessions, group coaching programs, seminars, and workshops that enable her clients to gain freedom in their life.

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