“Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.” – Steve Forbes

Online media has opened up a huge world of opportunity for businesses all over the globe. Be it an international corporation, a small business or a local entrepreneur, more and more businesses and individuals are tapping into the digital space to reach potential clients beyond borders and boundaries. While this has provided immense growth opportunities for businesses, it is equally challenging as consumers have access to endless options, making it a ferociously tough market for businesses to survive in.

Branding has never been as important as it is now and plays an essential role in business survival. Branding doesn’t only mean a logo or a pretty colour-scheme. While these elements are a major part of creating a brand, branding is actually a process of creating and nurturing connections between business and client.

Here are our top 5 tips for better branding:

Identify Your Target Audience:
I can’t stress enough on how important it is to identify who your target audience is. You cannot create an effective brand unless you are clear on who your end customers will be. Once you identify your ideal clients, design your brand around what resonates with them. Your marketing material, your messages, the visual elements that you use including the fonts, colours, images etc., should appeal and attract to your target audience. For example, if your target audience is male-dominated, then avoid using pinks, golds, pastels colours and soft curvy fonts. Go for deep dark shades and bold fonts. And keep in mind creating an ideal customer Avatar is a great exercise to identify your target audience.

Reflect Your Personality In Your Brand:

Yogi Yoga Wear hits an all-time high in sales after rebranding. With the proper message, target market, and some amazing photography, this company went international in just under one year.

A business owner is a brand ambassador for his/her business. While it is important that your brand is designed keeping in mind your ideal clients, it is equally important that it also reflects your personality.

Example: One of our clients “Yogi Yoga Wear” is a perfect example. From the logo to slogan to overall branding, “Yogi Yoga Wear” is a true reflection of the owner Nina Joy Rizzo’s vibrant and energetic personality, while also resonates with the end users who are mostly women interested in creative arts and active living.

Be Consistent:
Stand out from the crowd by being consistent. Make sure that all of your marketing material and your messaging (online and offline), has a similar style across all online and offline mediums. Your branding should be reflected on your business cards, your official stationery, your email signatures, your marketing messages and your online presence, to name a few. With consistent branding, your target audience starts identifying you, which helps in building up a relationship. We recommend that you use a simple checklist to ensure that every time you carry out marketing activities, you are following specific guidelines to ensure that your outgoing message is consistent.

Don’t limit Yourself To A Website:
Even if you run a brick-n-mortar business or provide services, it is crucial to have an online presence. It’s a huge misconception that a website alone would give you all the online exposure that you need. Having a single website won’t cut it. You NEED to have a presence on all major social media platforms to build your brand successfully. More and more businesses are now on Facebook and Twitter. Lately, there has been a huge surge in businesses turning to Instagram and Pinterest. Blogs have become hugely popular and play a vital role in relationship building with the clients and video marketing is considered one of the most effective mediums for reaching potential clients. While service-based businesses and entrepreneurs are turning to LinkedIn for business networking.

Be An Authentic Source:
Educate your clients and potential clients on how you can help them. Share authentic information that would help and guide your target audience and solve their problem. It is all about building a relationship and standing out from the crowd. Build a connection with your clients so that they would trust you and, see you as the expert and the authentic source of information whom they could rely on. A successful brand helps you do exactly that.


At Market Savvy & Co., we have been helping our clients build a positive brand image both locally and internationally, through strategic content creation and effective social media paired with offline marketing activities and speaking engagements. We regularly share authentic information and practical tips on businesses growth and development on our blog and, hold monthly offline networking events for small businesses and entrepreneurs, that help them with their brand awareness.

At the top of every opportunity, we ask clients the same 4 questions. We use these as a baseline to build a strategy and to use as our constant marker for their personal brand to grow.


I want you to ask yourself the same questions:

  1. What are my objectives in building a personal brand?
  2. When am I successful?
  3. How do I measure it?
  4. And once I have achieved these goals…what’s next?

Building a personal brand takes time, my friends. Our clients who have been with us for one year versus three months see different results. It’s not a matter of effort. It’s a matter of compounding. Give your personal brand time, and it becomes your best marketer and the only sales tactic you’ll ever ultimately need.

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