Why Networking Events Are Failing Your Business

There is a reason networking is failing your business. There could be several reasons but for peace of mind, we are only going to dive into 3 structural disadvantages of modern-day networking events that are doing you and your business little to no good. 

First, let me ask you…how much business did you get at your last networking event.

Next, let me ask you, out of that business how many people came back to buy a 2nd time, 3rd time, 4th time even?

I will guess your answers probably aren’t that uncommon. When we polled 100 entrepreneurs outside The Savvy Networker community we discovered that out of 100 small business owners 30% said they had earned an average of $200 as ONE time spends from networking events and 70% stated they had earned NOTHING. Out of the 30% that did earn 12% of them said they had a second-time purchase and 3% of them said they had a 3rd time purchase but none had had the fourth sale and only 2% of them were able to upsell to more than the initial $200.

This leads us down a serious discovery phase. We already knew there was a break in the industry model but even we weren’t aware of how bad it was. 

Here is where the industry was going wrong(until we came along of course!)  Networking events come in two common styles.

1. THE TABLE DISCUSSION- This includes 60-second elevator pitches and one presenter


  2. THE GIANT MINGLE- Grab a beer ladies and gents and lets mix together in a room  sharing our business cards

Option #1 downfalls – these events typically only allow one person in the same industry. This goes against EVERYTHING business teaches us. People, do business with people they like, know and trust. So, what happens if you don’t like the way the realtor in the group does business…now what? Or worse yet, what if someone in the group doesn’t like the way you do business?

Not to mention, this is 2019…AUTHENTICITY is the way to go so that pre-rehearsed elevator pitch you just gave us… it has two flaws, one, you are talking about yourself and you are at events to learn and serve others, and secondly, it’s rehearsed taking ALL authenticity out of it.

Option #2 downfalls – While bigger is better and we have mastered having more than one of each business with this style, it still doesn’t address the forever passing of business cards, the over-eager ploy for quick sales pitches and then there is the big one…bringing people into your business only to have them buy once and often never again. 

So just what is the secret to networking that helps your business succeed?

C’mon, you knew we were going to say ‘The Savvy Networker’ Right? 

Attending an event that has a clear structure, allows everyone at every stage in the business and focuses on helping business owners not only NETWORK but, also strengthen their business foundation through education is where you and your business are going to grow. 

Getting clear on what you want from an event is going to be your strongest strategy pre-event to attain business wealth.